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The Benefits Of Choosing Wooden Chess Set

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Wooden Chess Set?

If you are planning to invest in a wooden chessboard, you should surely look for something that will stay with you for long. The type of chess set that you choose will surely bring you a different experience every time you play the game. Among the many different types of chess sets, a wooden chess set can stay with you longer. Before actually understanding the benefits of such a set, you should understand the different options available in the market for chess sets.

Categories of chess sets:

You will discover the sets under different categories and types like:

  • Standard chess board
  • Unique set
  • Square set
  • Storage board
  • Solid wood board
  • Metal or glass board
  • Glossy chess board
  • Leather board
  • Marble board
  • Chess table
  • Executive Board

It is true that irrespective of the board you choose, the game will be the same. But, the way in which you can handle the board and the pieces will surely differ based on the type of board you choose.

Benefits of wooden chess set:

Now, it is time for us to understand why you should opt for a chess set that is made out of wood, where both the pieces and the board would have been made out of wood material:

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Without any doubt, wooden boards and pieces are known for their durability. They will stay with you for longer. Irrespective of the positions you reach in this game, the very first board that you shop will be your favorite. Why not go for a wooden board to keep it the safe memory for your entire life? As against a glass board with glass pieces, you need not have that much care when you use a wooden set.

Classic look:

In case, you are an individual, who give more importance to traditional things, you should go for a wooden board. Let me tell you one thing: some people preserve their wooden chess set as art pieces in the home. There are pieces carved out of shiny and attractive woods, thereby giving an excellent aesthetic appeal to your playing table.


Even though some wood board weighs, nowadays, there are lightweight alternatives available these days. They can make your gaming, even more, fun and excited.  They are comfortable not just in look, but also in feel when you play with wooden pieces and sets.

Varied options:

Once you have decided to opt for a wooden chess set, you will come across many different options to choose from. Even, you can make the color choice like there are boards in walnut color, rosewood color, etc. You can go for the color that rightly meets your styles and preferences.

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Wood is a material that is close to our lives. We have been using this material right from our childhood days until our end. Why not go for a wooden chess set for your entertainment as well. You will find many models in the market; you can just do a comparative shopping to choose the best.